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few consumers had even heard of Huawei in 2011,The year in which its board decided to focus on breaking into The smart phone market in a big way。2011年的时候,听说华为(Huawei)的消费者不多,The company's portfolio of cheap,Low-tech devices had led many to mark The group down as just another但是6年后,华为构建了自己的雄心壮志。据研究公司Gartner透露,华为目前不仅是世界领先的通信设备供应商,还与瑞典爱立信(Ericsson)共同沦为世界第三大智能手机供应商。the Chinese company has aspirations to be number one as It moves to make more expensive devices aimed at western markets . in 2011,It shipped 1m这家中国企业渴望获得第一名,已经在为西方市场生产更昂贵的设备。


2011年手机出货量为100万部,去年达到1.39亿部。“smart phones are becoming some kind of commodity[at the middle and lower end]but technology is evolving,”says Richard Yu,chard华为消费者商务首席执行官余承东(Richard Yu)表示:“智能手机虽然沦落为某种商品,但技术仍在发展。他从2011年开始兼任这一职务。

The p9,launched last year,was Huawei ' s first premium handset to break the sales mark of 10m units . the smart phone,Which includes an.该智能手机配有与徕卡(Leica)共同开发的高级照相机,销售时基本价格为480英镑。However,Mr YU Says that Smart Phone Sales Are not the limit of Huawei ' s ambitions,As the company looks to move into Artificial Intelligens但是余承东While smart phones will stay a core part of the business,华为is investing more in services that the phones can deliver as a means to drive fufu华为仍然将智能手机作为核心业务,但目前正在增加手机上需要确保的服务,以扩大投资研发。

The goal is to create new uses For smart phones,For instance by building applications around virtual目标是开发虚拟现实,应用于——的增强现实,通过眼镜将用户沉浸在虚拟世界中,或将虚拟世界服装覆盖应用于实际图像等,开拓智能手机的新用途。Mr Yu says Huawei is investing in VR,which he predicts will become integrated within Smart phones。


余承东预测华为正在投资虚拟现实,技术将融入智能手机。Even more important,he says,will be artificial intelligence linked to smart phones。

他说,更重要的是将人工智能与智能手机连接起来。华为has plans to rival the big western technology groups such as Apple and Amazon in creating voice-controlled search and response assistants sayi华为有多种计划,可以与苹果一起开发语音控制搜索和收件人支持。



customers will no longer touch a screen to access services,They will just talk to their device。“there will be a smart and natural interaction with human beings,”Mr Yu says。“华为is working more and more on ai and vr。

the smart phone becomes my personal assistant。预计用户仍然需要用触摸屏使用多种服务,余承东表示:“设备和人之间将展开聪明自然的对话。”华为正在为人工智能和虚拟现实做出更多努力。

智能手机已经从我的个人秘书那里出来了。”“behind the smart phone are big data and ai processing”,he adds。“the phone in the future is like a robot。

”他说:“智能手机背后的大数据和未来的手机就像机器人一样。”one reason for this strategic shift is that its phone sales are being challenged by low-cost rivals in Shenzhen,Where Huawei has its headquarters这一战略变化的原因之一是华为在手机销售方面越来越多地暴露在深圳的低成本竞争对手面前,一些分析人士警告说,智能手机市场越来越饱和。For now,however,Huawei is the top-selling Smart Phone maker in China,According to Research Company counterpoint . overseas Shipment但是,根据研究公司counterpoint的说法,Mr Yu adds that there are still ways to boost sales by improving the design of smart phones,not least by upgrading their digitatahe says that work is also being done to improve battery life,a frequent demand of device users across many brands。


他回应说,华为也在致力于缩短电池寿命,华为Has experimented with wearables . its华为watch 2,which uses the Android operating system,Has online connectivity华为测试了水测试设备领域。华为Watch 2配有Android操作系统,可以上网,也可以作为健美显示器,本周在巴塞罗那世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)上发表。the company still faces some hurdles On its way to the top sales spot,however . its name is still not as well known as those at the pricier end of the mame但是在走向全球销售第一的道路上,华为仍然面临一些障碍。它仍然不如市场上的高级品牌出名。




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